Guardian Cadet Sword!

Guardians unite!

Have you got your Guardian Cadet Sword yet? If you have you can do a sweet move to take out Spawners.

Make sure you have your sword equipped, jump then swipe your sword to do an awesome
spin attack.

Keep Swinging,



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Party Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got over 100 views!


AT 11.30 OOK TIME!



BY Danny78901!!!!!!


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Meet My Monkey!

Meet My Monkey Dylan Radstrike!

By Danny78901

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Monkey Quest Monster Tip

Those rank Rumblers! What pesky pests…

There’s a great way to get rid of them using Boom Bombs! Yep, you will need to go to Crackle Knuckle in Knight’s Gate to learn how to make them.

If you aren’t a member you can buy the Guardian Knight Temple Key or Boom Bomb Packs over at the NC Mall

Keep Swinging,


By Danny78901 and Alex78901

Edited By Jim98765

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Yep, that’s right Monkey Quest is being featured in this months issue of Beckett Fun Online Games.

You can pick up a copy at Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble or your local grocery store.
Make sure you get the code for a cool in-game item for your monkey and don’t miss out on some great strategy tips that help in leveling up inMonkey Quest.

Keep Swinging,


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Guardian Knight

Have you monkeys been over to the Forgotten Temple to meet a Guardian Knight?

Well if you haven’t, you better get swinging. You can pick up some sweet items too if you’re a Monkey Quest member.

See you there!

Keep Swinging,



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Pocket Monkey

So what do you do when you can’t play Monkey Quest on your computer?

Get your very own Pocket Monkey!

Play with lively monkeys from the online game Monkey Quest. Swipe, tap, shake, and more, then watch your monkey react. Choose your monkey and environment, and start playing now!

-Feed your monkey with the banana button
-Tap the dance button and watch your monkey dance.
-15 monkey animations
-4 beautiful animated environments
-2 different monkeys to choose from
-Play in landscape or portrait mode
-Zoom in and out

You can take your monkey anywhere. Play it on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Keep Swinging,

Submitted by Jim98765

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